8 to the power 2 movie still images

8 to the power: 2-minute stereo sound clip remixed for computer speakers

8 to the power 2: 2-minute movie clip

2008: Videoholica; Citta delle Arte; Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation, Biella
2008: Shot by the Sea; Hastings Film Festival, Claremont Art Space, Hastings
2008: Videoholica; Art in August; City Art Gallery Varna
2008: Liquid Room: National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow
2008: After Urban: Video Art & Architecture; Monkeytown, New York
2007: Videomedeja: 11th International Video Festival; Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
2007: Dislocate 07; Ginza Art Lab, Tokyo
2007: Experimental Music; in association with Goldsmiths College; Shunt Lounge, London
2007: Art, Lifestyle & Globalisation; symposium in association with PVA Lab, Tate Modern, London

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